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  Lawn Maintenance

Spring Clean-up

A general clean-up of all landscaped areas will occur once in the month of April. Winter debris (fallen and/or broken limbs) and leaves will be removed from all turf, ground cover, flower, and shrub beds.


Lawn areas will be mowed once per week, as necessary. The grass will be maintained at a length no more than three inches (3”) nor less than two inches (2”). To avoid tearing of the individual blades of grass, all mower blades will are kept cleaned and sharpened daily.

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  Trimming and Edging

Turf adjacent to curbs and walks shall be edged and swept 3 times per season. A string line trimmer will be used once per week on all areas inaccessible to mowers.
All trimming will be done in a manner that cuts the grass blades approximately the same height as the mower height specifications (4b). All existing shrub beds and tee rings shall be edged using a straight blade or round blade edging tool. A clean edge no more than two inches (2”) in depth shall be maintained 2 times per season (approx. April 1 – November 30, 2007).


Shrubs shall be pruned 2 times per season, typically once in June and once in August. All shrubs will be pruned to maintain a neat, uniform and natural shape, enhancing their appearance. All pruning will be carefully done to best achieve the effect intended by the landscape architect. Deciduous and Coniferous trees under fifteen feet (15’), will be pruned twice per season, once in June and once in August, unless otherwise specified. All dead, diseased, damaged, or broken branches will be removed.“Water sprouts” or suckering growth will be completely removed. Branches which interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic will also be trimmed to eliminate hazards.

  Cultivation & Weeding

Tree rings, ground cover, shrubs and flower beds will be maintained weekly. Beds will be hand-weeded or chemically treated to provide a weed-free appearance.

  Fertilization & Herbicides

All lawn areas will be treated with fertilizer and/or herbicides four (5) times per growing season:
Early spring - formula to stimulate growth & pre-emergent to control crabgrass & other perennial weeds.
Late spring - formula to maintain color & post-emergent to control other broadleaf weeds.
Mid summer - formula to maintain color & post-emergent to control other broadleaf weeds.
Late summer - formula to maintain color & post-emergent to control other broadleaf weeds. Winterizer (Fall) - formula for hearty root system & over-wintering & a #2 post-emergent to further control broad leaf weeds.
All planting beds and tree rings will receive pre-emergent granular weed inhibitor in late April to help control weeds.
All herbicides and fertilizers shall be applied by an Illinois - licensed Operator, under the supervision on an Illinois - licensed Applicator

  Fall Clean-up

A general fall clean-up of all landscaped areas will occur once in late fall by November 30, 2007. all leaves and other existing debris that have accumulated on the turf, ground cover, and planting beds will be removed and disposed of by G&O Landscaping Inc. in accordance with City, County, and State codes.


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